Town Council updates

Presentation of Millenium Cup and Mayoress Cups 2023

At the Council meeting on Monday 26 June the Town Mayor Cllr Kristian Bright undertook the annual presentation of the cups in recognition of individuals and community organisations who in the opinion of the Town Council have made a significant contribution to promoting Broadstairs and St Peter’s and the wellbeing of the local community.
This year the Mayoress cup was presented to Broadstairs Firework Events represented by Simon Abra.
Simon is a founder member of Broadstairs Fireworks Events and was a key organiser of the 2023 coronation celebrations working alongside Town Council staff, councillors and other volunteers.
Simon also produces the Isle magazine, and assists with the annual Water Gala and the four summer fireworks displays which bring many people into the town.
The Millenium Cup was presented to Sue Henderson
Sue has looked after the Council’s defibrillators since 2015. She started with the one on the jetty and took over the one in Chandos Square in 2018. Her duties include operational checks such as cleaning the cabinet and keeping it free of cobwebs and debris, checking it is stocked, the battery is functioning and submitting bi-weekly reports via the Webnos reporting system. She also resets a defib if notification is received that it has been used.


Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Mayor presents cheque to Thanet Food Link
Cllr Kristian Bright, Mayor of Broadstairs and St Peter’s was pleased to attend Thanet Food Link’s base at St Peter’s Baptist Church recently and present volunteers there with a cheque for £2000 from KCC’s Cost of Living Grant scheme. The Mayor and his Consort, Cllr Joanne Bright received a warm welcome and were given a guided tour of the facility.
Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mike Garner, himself a volunteer at the Food Link explained the need for the organisation and the service it provides, “The cost-of-living crisis is having a detrimental effect on families' ability to provide sufficient nutritious food. Although often perceived as an affluent town, pockets of deprivation exist in Broadstairs, and children are regularly going to school hungry. The problem worsens during school holidays when free school meals are not available.”
Thanet Food Link is ideally placed to address this need with established procedures which successfully plug the gap and enable families to eat properly. The organisation typically feeds 1000 people per month, with demand doubling over the last year.
St Peter’s Branch Co-ordinator, Kate Grant says, “Although much of the food given out by the Food Link is donated by members of the public, donations have dropped off recently due to everyone experiencing a "squeeze". The Food Link will use the cash donations it receives when necessary, but these are becoming depleted. A food parcel costs around £10 and each is tailored to the needs of children, teens or adults. We are thrilled to accept this grant which will provide a fantastic 200 food parcels and we would like to thank both KCC and BSPTC for applying on our behalf.”
The first step for nay one experiencing hardship who thinks the Food Link might be able to help would be to check out their website
Cllr Bright is newly elected both as a Town Councillor and a District Councillor and his welcome speech on the evening he was elected Town Mayor set out his aims for the coming four years. He is striving for a “Safer, Cleaner, Kinder” Broadstairs.


Press release 16/08/23: Town Forum

Town Council reveals its Cleaner, Safer, Kinder Vision

More than fifty local people attended a recent Town Forum event at Pierremont Hall in order to meet the new Councillors and discuss plans for the next four years.
Town Mayor, Cllr Kristian Bright gave a short presentation on the goals and aspirations of the Council centred around the Cleaner, Safer, Kinder vision the Council is developing.
Representatives from more than thirty local groups ranging from the Town Team and Access Thanet to The Gap Project and The Pavilion Youth and Community Cafe came together to discuss issues which were important to them and to discuss ways of working together to achieve common goals.
Cllr Bright explained, “We were delighted to welcome so many interested local people to Pierremont Hall and to join them in lively discussion on matters which concern us all. All the comments have been collated and officers are now working on a draft plan for implementation. The Action Plan will be discussed and approved by Council and will form the backbone of everything we do over the next four years.”
The next Town Forum will take place on Monday 16 October and representatives form any local group or organisation are invited. In the meantime residents are reminded that all of the Council’s meetings are open to the public. Details can be found on the Town Council’s website: