The Environmental Committee



Environment COMMITTEE


Approved by Council on 26 April 2021- updated June 2023



·         The Environment Committee shall consist of a minimum of five Councillors.

·         The Council’s Volunteer Tree Warden in an advisory capacity when requested.

·         Councillor members shall have full voting rights on the committee.

·         Non-councillor members shall have no voting rights.



·         At the first meeting of the Environment Committee after the Annual Meeting of the Town Council the Committee shall elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year from amongst the committee membership. The Chairman and Vice Chairman may be re-elected.

·         The committee will submit minutes of their meetings to the next meeting of the Full Council Committee and seek approval for recommendations made.

·       The annual budgeting process will allocate funds to the Environment Committee which will propose how they will be spent.

·       The Clerk to the Council or an appropriate officer shall provide administrative support for the Committee.

·       The quorum for the committee shall be three. Business cannot be transacted with fewer than three voting members present.



·         The Committee will normally meet bi-monthly. The schedule will be established by the Clerk and the Chairman of the Committee and published along with all other committee meetings.


·         Meetings will take place at Pierremont Hall or other suitable venue or via Zoom and will be open to the public. 




The committee shall undertake actions and priorities as identified in the Environmental Strategy adopted by Council on Monday 25 January 2021 (min 398)


24 Jan 24


Please note this meeting has been cancelled and will be rescheduled in due course

27 Mar 24



Environmental Sub-Committee updates

Hedgehog houses for the community

Broadstairs & St. Peter's Town Council's Environmental subcommittee have been helping house local hedgehogs!
After the subcommittee's hedgehog surveys saw a vast number of responses from
residents, the Councillors offered hedgehog houses to the residents who responded to both surveys as a thank you for their support. These beautiful houses were hand made by Broadstairs Town Shed. (see their website below if you would like to know more information about the town shed) The Council will keep in contact with the residents who received houses and updates will be seen in our future newsletters.

Town Council Newsletters  


Any prickly guests yet?

Although there’s been several signs of prickly guests having a look round
these houses, there has unfortunately been no permanent residents just yet!
Barbara said “ We have a hedgehog who comes to the feeding station and
stops over in the hedgehog house for a rest , but by the morning has moved
on to somewhere else” We look forward to receiving more
updates from our residents once the weather warms up!





Photos used with permission from Broadstairs & St. Peter's Residents, Barbrara (top) and Deborah (Above)