Memorial Benches

Memorial Benches in Broadstairs and St Peter’s are a popular way to remember a loved one who has passed on, and the benches are managed by Thanet District Council

The person to ask is different, depending on where the bench or seat is to be located.

For a bench on the footway, near to the road, the contact is Thanet District Council Civil Enforcement Office, tel: 01843 577054.

If you would like a bench on a foreshore area such as a promenade or a grassed area next to the sea, the contact is Thanet District Council Foreshore Office, tel: 01843 577274. Please note that at the moment (2015) there are no spaces for new benches in these areas.

If you would like the bench in a park area, the contact is Thanet District Council Parks Office, tel:01843 577114.

If any of the above contact numbers are unavailable, please contact the Thanet District Council main switchboard, tel: 01843 577000.

The Thanet District Council benches cost in the region of £950.

If Thanet District Council cannot help you, there is a small possibility that a bench could be placed on Town Council land. The Town Council owns land at Mockett’s Wood in St Peter’s and the Culmer’s Amenity Land in central Broadstairs.

Memorial Benches