Thanet District Council Grants

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Broadstairs & St. Peter's Town Council Grants

The contribution made by the numerous organisations to the well-being of the local community in Broadstairs & St. Peter's is highly valued. In support of such voluntary efforts the Town Council allocates an annual budget to award grants to voluntary and community groups within the parished area, subject to available resources. The purpose of such grants is to support voluntary and community initiatives that benefit the residents of Broadstairs & St. Peter's.

The Town Council receives many applications that meet all of the grant criteria: it regrets that it cannot award grants to all of the very good events and organisations that it would wish to fund.

Grant funding from public funds is discretionary. No organisation or event is entitled to receive funds and applications which do not meet the grant criteria will not be funded.

View the Grant Criteria - (adopted by Council on 25th September 2017).

Grants Awarded in Civic Year 2021/2022: Grants Awarded by Council 2021/22

Grants Awarded in Civic Year 2022/2023: Grants Awarded by Council 2022/23

Application Forms: 

Funding For Groups , Organisations And Events : 
Grant Application Groups and Organisations 2022.

Grant Monitoring Form
Please complete the grant monitoring form once you have spent your grant and return to the Town Clerk's Office, Pierremont Hall, Broadstairs, CT10 1JX, alternatively complete the online monitoring form.

Grant Monitoring Form - PDF
Grant Monitoring Form - Word 
Link to online Grant Monitoring Form: COMING SOON!

Application Process: Organisation Grant and Event Sponsorship Funding
To avoid disappointment, please make sure that you are eligible to apply before filling in the form.
Read the grant criteria and follow the instructions on the grant application form.
Download and print the form, then email the completed form and the documents required to: 

If you require advice on which form to complete please contact the , or telephone 01843 868718

The grant-making timetable for events and activities in the civic year 2022-2023  is set out below.

Midday on Friday 4th November 2022: the deadline for all applications. Late applications will NOT be considered unless there are exceptional reasons: see the grant criteria
Evening meeting on Monday 28th November 2022: The Leisure and Tourism Sub-Committee considers event and organisation grant applications in detail, and makes in-principle decisions
Monday 31st January 2023: The Finance and General Purposes Committee makes the final decisions on the award of event and organisation grants
April 2023: Distribution of grant cheques and bacs payments to successful applicants

Community Gardening Project Grants

Local Groups, organisations, schools, care homes and nurseries can apply for small grants to undertake gardening projects within the CT10 postcode area. The maximum that can be applied for is £300. 


Return Form By 29th MAY 2023 

Grant Form 

For more information please contact


For more information relating to community gardening project grants, please visit our 'Broadstairs in Bloom' page.