Town Forum

The Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Forum is an initiative to enhance community liaison between all groups and societies in Broadstairs and St.Peter's. All attendees have the common goal of improving the facilities and well-being of the residents and visitors to the town.

The Town Forum is an informal meeting, with no agenda or minutes, it gives attendees the opportunity to network and discuss matters of mutual interest for the benefit of the community. 

The next Town Forum meeting is scheduled for:
Monday 16th October 2023 

The discussion points of this meeting are:

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on 26 October

  • Presentation on what the Plan is and why your vote counts
  • Followed by Q&A session

The Town Council Action Plan

  • Presentation on key plans and priorities
  • Followed by Q&A session


7pm at Pierremont Hall Broadstairs CT10 1JX, in the Council Chamber. 

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