Broadstairs in Bloom 2021

The Broadstairs & St. Peter's in Bloom campaign is an initiative by Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Town Council to provide floral decoration for the CT10 postcode area over the summer season.

The 2019 Project was our biggest ever. Local businesses hired hanging flower baskets, there were additional planters on the lamp posts, sponsored planters and local groups were encouraged to undertake local gardening projects to enhance the area.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was very restricted. 

This year we are returning again to make Broadstairs Blooming Beautiful! 
So far we have handed out Grant applications for community lead projects, filled the planters around Broadstairs & St. Peter's with pollinator-friendly plants and we are also bringing back the business baskets! please see details below. 

Broadstairs in bloom insignia

Community Gardening Project Grants

Local Groups, organisations, schools, care homes and nurseries can apply for small grants to undertake gardening projects within the CT10 postcode area. The maximum that can be applied for is £300. 


yellow flowers

Hanging Basket Hire

The business baskets are back! 

This year we have been working with Youngs Nurseries to make sure the baskets are as pollinator-friendly as possible. We will be offering 3 new colours at £8.50 per basket (including delivery and pick up at the end of the season) 

Please see the form below if you are interested in hanging baskets for your business.

Email Abigail at for further details. 


hanging basket with pink flowers