Broadstairs in Bloom 2020

The Broadstairs & St. Peter's in Bloom campaign is an initiative by Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Town Council to provide floral decoration for the CT10 postcode area over the summer season.

The 2019 Project was our biggest ever. Local businesses hired hanging flower baskets, there were additional planters on the lamp posts, sponsored planters and local groups were encouraged to undertake local gardening projects to enhance the area.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we aren't doing business hanging baskets this year, but the Town Council will still be installing planters on the lamposts and encouraging applications to the gardening grant scheme.

Broadstairs in bloom insignia

Community Gardening Project Grants

Local Groups, organisations, schools, care homes and nurseries can apply for small grants to undertake small scale gardening projects within the CT10 postcode area. The maximum that can be applied for is £300, 

In previous years, we have asked that projects are visible to the general public and completed before the end of October. However, with the current social distancing restrictions and many groups being closed, we have decided to accept any application that will help people under lockdown and the deadline has been extended to the 31st March 2021, please apply using the same form below.

 Gardening Grant Form

yellow flowers

Hanging Basket Hire

Hanging Basket Hire will not be taking place during 2020, please contact the Town Council in 2021 for details of how to order your hanging basket.

hanging basket with pink flowers