Broadstairs in Bloom 2022

The Broadstairs & St. Peter's in Bloom campaign is an initiative by Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Town Council to provide floral decoration for the CT10 postcode area over the summer season.

The 2019 Project was our biggest ever. Local businesses hired hanging flower baskets, there were additional planters on the lamp posts, sponsored planters and local groups were encouraged to undertake local gardening projects to enhance the area.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was very restricted. 

This year we are returning again to make Broadstairs Blooming Beautiful! 
So far we have handed out Grant applications for community lead projects, filled the planters around Broadstairs & St. Peter's with pollinator-friendly plants and we are also bringing back the business baskets! please see details below. 

Community Gardening Project Grants

Local Groups, organisations, schools, care homes and nurseries can apply for small grants to undertake gardening projects within the CT10 postcode area. The maximum that can be applied for is £300. 


This page will be updated with future In Bloom grant opportunities in 2023.  

For more information please contact

Hanging Basket Hire

Blooming business baskets!

This year we have been working with Youngs Nurseries to make sure the baskets are as pollinator-friendly as possible and are still a fantastic deal for businesses across Broadstairs & St. Peter's. 

We will be offering deluxe rattan baskets worth £20 for only £8.50 each. Platinum Jubilee colours to match our other In Bloom planters and baskets across Broadstairs & St. Peters.

 Basket Specifications: 
These hanging baskets will be brown rattan, filled with good quality compost with slow release fertilizer. The price is including delivery and pick up at the end of the season. 
All you need is a basket bracket and to water when needed! 

Using a variety of flowering plants in red, white, blue, purple and silver for the Jubilee. this is the same colour combination that is to be used across Thanet's planters and lamp column baskets. 

Only 200 baskets available for businesses, order fast to avoid disappointment!  

Orders close 12pm 13th May 2022.

To order and further details: 

Business Basket Order Form


Call 01843 868718  

hanging basket with pink flowers


In bloom with the Town Team!

"Our public gardens have been the source of civic pride in Broadstairs since Victorian times. In the 1990s, the town won the South East in Bloom competition three times with a wonderful range of entries, including commercial buildings and private homes. Since then, the town had not been able to submit an entry. The Broadstairs Town Team’s Garden Group wanted to re-visit entering competitions, as the volunteers had made such progress with assorted sites in and around the town.
In 2021, the Broadstairs Town Team identified a potential new site to restore in the Louisa Bay area and then launched a crowdfunding campaign which resulted in local businesses and individuals pledging their support for the project. The Town Council also demonstrated its support by awarding the Garden Group a Community Gardening Project Grant.

The Garden Group decided to enter four of the eight sites they maintain into the Royal Horticultural Society's It's Your Neighbourhood scheme. This participation is raising the profile of Broadstairs in horticultural circles as two articles have been published in the South & South East & London in Bloom Green Lines Newsletter. In the March 2021 edition, there was an article about the Ramsgate Road site and in July 2021 the article was about the Louisa Bay Access Road project. There are links to both newsletters for you to read."

- Sue Wall
5th August 2021 

Royal Horticultural Society It’s Your Neighbourhood Assessment Results

On 16 September 2021, the Broadstairs Town Team Garden Group was delighted to receive the Royal Horticultural Society It’s Your Neighbourhood assessment results. The Albion Street Car Park and Ramsgate Road sites were both assessed at Level 3, Advancing, with overall scores between 53 and 68 points. The Library Bank/ Station Area and Louisa Bay Access Road/ Queens Gardens sites were both assessed at Level 4, Thriving, with overall scores of between 69 and 85 points.
The photographs show Sue Wainwright, the Garden Group Co-ordinator, presenting Certificates of Excellence to the Mayor and Town Clerk at Pierremont Hall on 15 October for their important role in giving financial support to the projects.

- Sue Wall
23 November 2021