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Neighbourhood Planning

Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Neighbourhood Plan

Broadstairs & St. Peter’s are the first Neighbourhood Area in the Thanet District to have a Neighbourhood Plan. It was produced by a Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee, which includes Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Town Councillors and members of the public.

Following a referendum held by Thanet District Council on May 6 2021 local people voted overwhelmingly in favour of supporting the neighbourhood development plan for the whole of the neighbourhood area. The plan was formally made as part of the Thanet District Local Plan on 3rd June 2021.

Second Edition Neighbourhood Plan

The Second Edition Neighbourhood Plan Referendum happened on 26th October 2023

Neighbourhood Plan Key Dates

  • Neighbourhood Area designated: 11th November 2014
  • Issues and Options Report: 28th July and 22nd September 2017
  • Regulation 14 Consultation: 30th July 2018-17th September 2018
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan was approved for submission to Thanet District Council on the 5th November 2018 and was submitted on the 7th November 2018.
  • Regulation 16 Submission Neighbourhood Plan consulted on: April and May 2019
  • First Examiner Report Published: 14th June 2019
  • Second Examiner Report Published: 8th July 2020
  • Referendum: 6th May 2021
  • ‘Made’ by Thanet District Council: 3rd June 2021

Neighbourhood Plan 2nd Edition:

 A community survey was undertaken between 24th February 2021 and 19th April 2021 the initial results can be found here: Report

A new community survey took place between 28th March 2022 and 6th June 2022. Responses can be found in the Neighbourhood Plan Evidence Base 2nd Edition link.

Update:  14.12.2022 – The Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Plan 2nd Edition has now been submitted to Thanet District Council.

The Broadstairs and St.Peter’s Neighbourhood Development Plan Evidence base 1st & 2nd edition

22 February 2024
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