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Our Beaches

There are 7 bays and beaches in Broadstairs and St.Peter’s which form part of a wider network of 14 bays and beaches in the Thanet area.

For information about the individual beaches and bays, please visit the beach guide website.

Useful Information:

Viking Bay in Broadstairs has a lift from the Promenade down to the beach, which is open during the summer season. Once you reach the beach there is a wooden boardwalk, which will help with wheelchair movement along the sand towards the harbour and the jetty area.

Signs along the Thanet coastline alert beach users to the general fragility of the cliffs and advise the public not to sit beneath or walk close to any chalk cliffs. Please follow this sensible advice.

In the summer months our beaches are very popular, we suggest avoiding busy periods to reduce crowding. Beach Check UK is an innovative new app which allows visitors to check the status of a beach before they arrive in order to avoid congested beaches and to encourage them to discover nearby alternatives that are quieter and less crowded. Please see the link for further Information – Beach Check UK 

22 February 2024
Last Updated
19 March 2024