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A new Town Mayor for Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council

At the Annual Council Meeting of 13 May 2024, Cllr Mike Garner was elected Chairman of the Council for the 2024-2025 civic year.  Cllr Garner announced his intention to use the term Town Mayor and declared his wife, Carole Martin his Mayoress. 

“I couldn’t be prouder to have been elected by you to Chair the Town Council and to become Mayor of the Town that Carole and I made our home nine years ago and the place we love to live,” said Cllr Garner in his acceptance speech. “This is a great town and community that we’re all proud to be part of and I’m looking forward to the year ahead and to meeting and working with as many of our community as possible to make sure we keep it that way.”

On behalf of the Town Council, Cllr Garner extended his thanks to the outgoing Mayor, Cllr Kristian Bright and Mayoress Cllr Joanne Bright, for their hard work over the last year.  The couple will continue their work in the community since at the same meeting Cllr Joanne Bright was elected Deputy Chairman of the Town Council.  Her consort will be Cllr Kristian Bright.

About The Mayor – Cllr Mike Garner  

Cllr Garner was the first ever Green Party councillor elected in 2019 onto both the Town and District councils representing the people in the ward of St Peter’s, a role he has thoroughly enjoyed.  In 2020 he became leader of the Green Party at Thanet District Council.  He is now particularly pleased to be the first Green Party councillor to have been elected as a Mayor in Thanet but acknowledges that it is not a party-political role.  Instead, he recognises it as an opportunity to work with all councillors, council officers, and residents to make the town a place to be proud to live in and one which visitors want to stay and come back to.

Cllr Garner is keen to continue the work the Town Council has started.  “We agreed a fantastic action plan last year to help do this around the three pillars of cleaner, safer and kinder and having made a really good start, I want to make sure we keep the momentum going. We all bring different skills and experiences to our roles as councillors and officers of the Council, and I want to make sure we all get involved in progressing that plan.  “I’m also keen to build on the good working relationships we’ve made this year with the various community groups who do such great work around the town, some of whom are here this evening. Working together, with them and all who live here, is key to our success as a Town Council

Contact information  

To contact the Mayor to attend events please email 


22 February 2024
Last Updated
24 May 2024