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Summer Theatre – Uglybugs Wingding

14:00 28 August 2024
17:00 28 August 2024

Brought to you by Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council, Summer Theatre is a programme of free entertainment.

Adapting the 1806 Wiliam Roscoe poem ‘The Butterfly’s Ball and the Grasshoppers Feast’ the Ugly Bugs Wingding takes inspiration from a diorama pop-up book style, using 2D painted puppets similar to Wayang puppetry and concertina techniques in a fold out toy theatre-esque set. Beautifully hand painted scenes, all made on re-purposed materials which come alive with live music, verse and interaction throughout the show. Mini-beast puppet and poem creation workshops available, a 30 min pre-or post-show offer for participants and audiences to become part of the process in creating their own Ugly Bugs Wingding character to bring to the Ball. An excellent way to introduce the writing of verse using Acrostic poetry and simple paper puppets to take home


28 June 2024
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28 June 2024