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Summer Theatre – ARCADE Mini

14:00 31 July 2024
18:00 31 July 2024

Brought to you by Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council, Summer Theatre is a programme of free entertainment.

ARCADE Mini by Casson & Friends is an interactive performance with dance ‘games’, that animate public spaces – encouraging playful participation to connect people of all ages with the childlike joy of play – and each other! Each performance lasts approximately 30 minutes and contains 6 unique games – each announced on our giant scoreboard! The games are elegantly played and facilitated by our friendly team of highly skilled performers. Half of the games are WATCH US (mesmerising & fun to watch), and the other half are JOIN US (inviting gentle playful participation). The show has a fun and bouncy electronic soundtrack and is suitable for all ages Suitable for a range of public spaces (parks, squares, festivals) and for all fl at-ish surfaces (grass, concrete etc.) No participant sign-up is required games are ‘turn up & play’ – simple and easy to engage with. Games are non-competitive with a focus on ‘playing to play’ rather than ‘playing to win’ and can be joined for anything from 30 seconds in passing to a full round of a few minutes – and can be left at any time. We strive to make ARCADE Mini as inclusive as possible and our teams are trained in access support to enable the widest possible participation!

Supported by Applause.

For more information visit: cassonandfriends.com

28 June 2024
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28 June 2024