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Chatty Cafe and Puzzle Exchange

10:00 29 August 2024
12:00 29 August 2024

Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council has joined The Chatty Cafe Scheme – reducing loneliness to get people chatting!

Look out for the ‘Chatter & Natter table’ at The Music Room here at Pierremont Hall on Thursdays from 10 am to 12 pm.

The Chatty Café is a great way of encouraging people to talk to others. The scheme is the brainchild of Alexandra Hoskyn, who founded it after a miserable day at a supermarket café with her infant son, where she noticed that no one was talking to each other. She found that by simply putting ‘Chatter & Natter’ signs on tables in cafes it created a space for people to talk.

A Chatter & Natter table brings people together and everyone is invited!

Who can join in?
Anyone… if you’re on your own, in a couple, with a friend, if you’re a carer why not sit there with who you care for, mums and babies, dads and babies, grandparents and babies, young people, older people and anyone in between! It’s a great way to meet new people in your community.

What do I do?
When you are deciding where to sit, look for the Chatter & Natter table and sit there! Stay for five minutes while you have your drink or longer. It’s not about making life-long friends, just having good old fashioned human interaction!

It’s official! The Chatty Cafe Scheme is reducing loneliness and social isolation by getting people chatting! Coventry University have published their May 2022 initial report and the key findings are that 100% of Chatter & Natter table users said it made them feel less lonely and socially isolated, plus, 97% of venues feel that the Chatter & Natter tables are encouraging community spirit. The Chatty Café Scheme commented that, “The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted those experiencing loneliness and we know that simply having a chat can brighten someone’s day.”

For more information, please visit their website: https://thechattycafescheme.co.uk/

Alongside this event we will be continuing our puzzle exchange. So bring along your loved puzzles so someone else can take on the challenge.

14 May 2024
Last Updated
24 May 2024