The Great Broadstairs Public Toilet Survey

One of our community projects set out in the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is to undertake a survey and assessment of the public toilet provision in the Broadstairs & St. Peter's area. 

During the summer of 2018 it was decided that this should be undertaken by independent consultants, and the following company were chosen

Why are we doing this?
Currently the toilet provision is provided by Thanet District Council, but as this is not a statutory function, it is important that the Town Council is prepared should there be any changes in this service in the future. 

The commissioned project has two parts:
Part A: What costs would be involved for a Town Council taking over the toilets? What issues could we face? 
Part B: Assessment of the current provision, what requirements and upgrades would be necessary? 

We are now looking at Part B and for this task we are looking for people to undertake a short snap survey counting the amount of people using the toilets. We have scheduled the surveys to be undertaken between the 10th-14th June 2019 (we are assuming that the toilets will all be well used at the weekend!)

The instructions for surveys can be found here.

We will pay surveyors £10 per hour to undertake the survey, a minimum of 2 hours per shift, which will need to fit into the times below. Surveyors must be aged over 18.

The surveyors will be self-employed and will need to complete the following form before undertaking any survey work. Temporary Surveyor Terms of Agreement

Apart from checking whether all of the toilet cubicles are in working order, the survey is to be taken outside of the toilet building to ensure that we fulfill the requirements of the criminal records.

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