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 Broadstairs & St. Peter’s is a picturesque town with a vibrant community, staging many activities and festivities.  

    The Town Council aims to support and strengthen  the community, and to help bring continued prosperity to the Town. We hope this website is informative to both visitors and residents alike. 


 Latest News

A Neighbourhood Plan for Broadstairs and St Peter's.

We have nearly completed Stage One: Getting Established. 

The results of the Stage One Online and Paper Questionnaire are:

199 people responded to the question about the Neighbourhood Plan area.


  • 183 (92%) said the Neighbourhood Plan area should be the same as the boundary of the parish of Broadstairs and St. Peter's;
  • 9 (4.5%) said the Neighbourhood Plan area should just cover Broadstairs; and
  • 1 (0.5%) said the Neighbourhood Plan area should just cover St. Peter's,

No one chose the response, ‘there should not be a Neighbourhood Plan at all'.

The full results are here Stage One Questionnaire Results

What happens next?

The Town Council's Planning Committee on 6th October considered the results and decided that the boundary of the plan the Town Council should ask Thanet District Council to designate is the same as the boundary of the Town Council's area, i.e. all of the electoral wards that make up Broadstairs and St Peter's.

This decision will be considered by the Town Council at its next meeting on 10th November.

Then we will submit an application to Thanet District Council for designation of the boundary for our Neighbourhood Plan before the end of November. Thanet District Council is then in charge of the timetable. We hope that they will be able to complete their six-week consultation before Christmas, although they are not able to complete the designation until it is considered by their cabinet next year. 

For information on the Neighbourhood Plan, and how it could make our lovely town even better, click here.